Incredible Balloon Sculptures of Animals and Insects
Incredible Balloon Sculptures of Animals and Insects by Masayoshi Matsumoto

Pakistani Spy Pigeon Arrested in India
Alleged Pakistani Spy Pigeon Arrested in India

“Top 10″ Largest Websites, Other Than The Obvious
We took the Alexa Ranking and created a top 10 largest website list!

Totally Awesome Animals of the Day
32 pics of totally awesome animals

Who Had More #1 Hits?
Based off of the Billboard Hot 100, do you know your charts?

23 Great Quotes From Brilliant Minds
These might help you change your mind state in a good way

15 Best of Cat Shaming
Confessions of the most shameless cats on earth.

Meanwhile In South Africa?
Sketchy Carjackers Armed To The Teeth With Guns, Hijack A Car In Seconds, All Without Chappies Help!

Stealthy Ronin 47 Motorcycle Belongs in The Dark Knight
Sure, there’s the Dark Knight Batpod, but the Tumbler-inspired Ronin 47 takes stealth to the next level.

Digger Ploughs Through Cars
In the footage, filmed at a construction site in Anhui Province in China, an excavator can be seen pushing through two obstructing cars.

SRT Tomahawk Vision GT Hypercar Packs 2,590-Horsepower
With the technology available nowadays, a hypercar like the SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo isn’t so hard to imagine.

The Newest Coca-Cola Ad Dares You Not To Smile
These Laughing Babies

Funniest Facebook Photo Comments Ever!
Everybody have that one friend who is always ready cheer up with the wind! We found some of the funniest facebook photo comments ever for you!

Can We Guess Your Age Based Off Your Responses To These Situations?
Let?s see whether you ?act your age? or not!

Things to Do With a Pussy Cat
What an awesome t-shirt quote, here you can learn what you can do with a pussy cat…lol
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