20 People Who Obviously Don?t Get Embarrassed
These public displays and proclamations definitely deserve a facepalm.

No One Has Been Able To Explain What Happened To This Man In 1967
It seems impossible that we?re all alone in the universe, especially when you consider just how massive the universe really is. Let?s assume, for a moment, that perhaps we?re not alone amongst the stars. In this scenario, the next question you shoul

The Collapsible Reusable Water Bottle That You Can Fit In Your Pocket
Every single minute some 90,000 plastic bottles are thrown away. This only contributes to the monstrous trash problem we highlighted in a recent post featuring heartbreaking photos of pollution. Instead of being part of the problem you can be part of the

Create a Wonderful Anodized Aluminum Coating at Home!
Aluminum can be anodized at tome using this tried and tested method

17 People That Are Winning At Life

Portable Phones Ruin Traditional Family Meals
Since the dawn of portable phones, man has dangerously paid too much attention to them

Discover the Amazing Properties of the Chicken Mind!
Who would have thought that the humble chicken has this trick up its sleeve?

Bad Timing in Practicing English Lessons Leads to Hilarious Confusion
Everyone should know an international language, but practicing your special kind of English in a public place might confuse others.

Learn the Basics of Magnetic Propulsion!
These simple experiments will get you starting on magnetic propulsion projects

World Top Five Biggest Wars in History
Ever since the evolution of man-kind, there has always existed this peculiar rage & urgency in our race to prove one?s dominancy upon the other. We all know that in ancient gladiator times power was determined by the size of the army and their abili

The World?s Stealthiest Cats Caught Peeking
Though some may say they know the origins of the word ?ninja,? for centuries cats have claimed that they alone hold the secret to its true meaning. The word, feline kind insists, is actually an ancient term derived from the word ?cat.? Though no e

He’s Pretty Good At Riding A Bike
Guy Makes A Robot That Is Very Skilled At Riding A Bike

Bizarre Hoodie Has a Built-in Cat Pouch
Not just any hoodie, the Mewgaroo, created by Japanese pet supply company Uninhabitat, boasts an integrated cat pouch up front specifically for feline snuggling.

What Do You Do when Your Furniture Does Not Fit in Your Car?
One answer to this problem was provided by this famous comedian…

Darth Vader Helmet Made from 1,000 Gummy Bears
When are gummy bears not just a candy treat you enjoy occasionally? When you take 1,000 of them and create a life-sized Darth Vader Helmet.

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