Oddly Funny Photoshopped Photos
39 obviously photoshopped but yet somehow funny photos.

This Cat Has An Unique Talent
Most Cats Meow Most Dogs Bark This Cat Does Both

13 Monogamous Animals That Mate For Life
Do you want some dating advice? You could learn a thing or two from the monogamous animals on this list, as they all mate for life. Whereas over half of marriages end in divorce, the animal pairs in the following photos usually stay together for the long

Dare Devils Stand On Their Bikes Doing 50 MPH+!
Motorcycle Surfing Is Like Regular Surfing, Except With A Whole Lot More Pain In A Wipeout!

Meanwhile Off The Coast Of New Zealand?
Killer whale swims under paddleboarder

20 Funny Difference Between Public Vs. Private Activities
These hilarious pictures that you see below are a funny representation of our common behaviors. You know very well that you feel observed while, you try to maintain composure, but when you?re alone

Baddest Motorcycles From “Mad Max: Fury Road”
Awesomely customized motorcycles that appear in the new Mad Max: Fury Road movie.

These Products Really Didn?t Need a Gender
20 pics

Honest Trailers: Jupiter Ascending
They have done another one, the guys over at Screen Junkies have done the Honest Trailer for Jupiter Ascending. Check it out.

Cats Are Just Jerks And There?s Nothing You Can Do About It
Yeah, they?re evil and we don?t think that they will ever change.

The Taos Hum Greatest Unsolved Mystery
The town of Taos, in north-central New Mexico, has been home to many famous residents including Julia Roberts, Dennis Hopper, D.H. Lawrence, Aldous Huxley and Donald Rumsfeld. It?s a small, laid-back artsy community that is also home to an unusual myste

US Sea Level Rising to Unusual Levels
Is this becoming dangerous? Read about it here!

These Sheep Stopped to Snack on a Hedge
These sheep were clearly hungry.

Snake on Windshield
his fella crawled out from the windshield wiper resorvoir and went along for the ride.

An Interesting Documentary from the Dawn of Automation
For all those technical buffs out there, there is a nice vintage documentary featuring one of the first fully automated factory in the world

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