The World?s Top Ten Most Expensive Hotel Suites unveils its definitive list of the most exclusive hotel rooms on the planet. They certainly don?t come cheap but the special person in your life is almost guaranteed to offer you undying love for years to come if you book a stay.

The World?s Most Eligible Men Under 40: Billionaire Bachelors
Surprisingly, there are youthful super-rich bachelors who?ve yet to settle down with that special someone. If you fancy your chances, why not peruse our definitive list of the ten most desirable young tycoons?

Ridiculously Ugly Mascots
Mascots are meant to be cheerful and entertaining but these are obviously not funny.

This Montecarlo Property Is The Most Expensive Home In The World!
This Montecarlo Property Is The Most Expensive Home In The World. I Can?t Believe Its Price, WHOA!

This is Either Pure Genius or the Worse Music Video Ever!
We don’t know if this artist’s performance is intentional or pure lack of talent

Ducks Get Their Own ?Duck Lanes? Near The Canal Walkways In London
Duck lanes along waterway paths in London, Birmingham, and Manchester are a temporary new initiative to encourage people to be mindful of the animals they share the road with when walking or biking. The Canal & River Trust has painted a white line mar

Guy Hit His Girlfriend Back After He Gets Physically Abused
See How People React To It

There Are Some Good People Among Us
Awesome examples of human kindness that will restore your faith in people.

BEST Proposal Ever! Mother Face Plants During It!
Watch This Mom Face-Plant During her Daughter?s Proposal

Birth Of The Bees
Amazing Video

See That Tiny Spot in the Mountains?
See that tiny spot in the mountains? Doesn?t seem anything special. But when you look closer? WOW!

Make Your Own Metal Vice
This DIY metal vice is useful both as a practical vice for your projects and as an interesting metal building exercise

Solid Gold AK-47 Lost in Taxi
Taxi cab company from St. Petersburg is in search of a customer who has left a solid gold AK-47 in a special slim case that was left behind in one of the company’s cabs this week.

If Guys Took Selfies The Same Way Girls Do (8 Pics)
These guys wanted to poke a little fun at girls who take selfies by doing it themselves. They nailed it but there’s no doubt that they just don’t look as good as the ladies do.

Cat in Russia Rings a Door Bell to Get Back Home
A family in Russia had a cat that was allowed to walk by itself outside of their apartment building and get back home whenever it wanted.
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