Photographer Shoots 180MPH Nascars Through A Hole In The Fence At Turn One!
?Its Always Louder, And More Scary, Than You Can Imagine?

Emergency Bathtub Drinking Water Storage
When a natural disaster or other emergency strikes, be prepared to have plenty of fresh drinking water on hand with the cool new waterBOB ? Emergency Drinking Water Storage

Blowing Up Granny’s Car Prank
Roman Atwood knows how much his grandmother’s car means to her, so he decided to have a little fun.

Take 24 Seconds Out Of Your Day To Appreciate This Hilarious Bird
We all know that birds can be pretty hilarious, but this bird might be one of the best. It saunters in and begins to cackle like a maniacal super villain?and it?s priceless.

Lengths of Rivers and Heights of Mountains Worldwide – Infographic from 1854
Early Infographic about Physical geography

There Are Jerkwads Among Us (20 Pics)
There Are Jerkwads Among Us

Amazing Stainless Steel Guitar
This is not a futuristic weapon, just Stash’s stainless steel bass guitar.

Playing With Fruits To Make Funny Picture
It?s an art made by Spanish artist. Only using color and fruit make some picture, that is amazing. The concept is really simple but need a lot of creativity. But this kinds of art makes you a lot of fun. It?s very simple but creative, you can try this

Barack Obama Makes First Post on His Twitter Account
Users doubted the authenticity, but the White House has confirmed.

Ball Boy Trips Behind Maria Sharapova
Ball boy face plants running to shade Maria Sharapova.

19 Lies You Were Taught About Dinosaurs
We love dinosaurs. As kids, we learned facts about them in science class, marveled at their skeletons in museums, and played out epic dino battles with our plastic toys. But how much of what we were taught about them is actually true? You might be shocked

Fish With Legs?
Photo of ?fish that have feet? generates controversy in social networks

People Arrested for Dumb Social Media Posts
People arrested for dumb social media posts kind of had it coming to them. From the teens who jokingly threaten lives on Twitter to those who took to Facebook to organize full-scale riots, all of these people have one thing in common: each were arrested f

Russian Rednecks Are Pretty Inventive People
Ordinary Russians with a high level of ingenuity.

Hilarious Baby Reaction While Taking Avocado
Although avocado is a tasty fruit and full of goods for your health, the young girl in the video does not seem to be very happy with how it tastes. When mom and dad decide to offer her a bit of avocado in fact, her reaction leaves no doubt: maybe you shou
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