Meet the 10 Youngest Tech Billionaires
For most billionaires, achieving this level of wealth takes decades upon decades of work. In the field of technology however, there are numerous examples of very young people who have achieved great fortunes before reaching 30 years of age.

Mad Max: Fury Road Review
A new film from the maestro of the legend of Mad Max has hit and it has taken over a decade to make, but it?s finally here! Is it worth it?

Bold Concept for the ?iPhone 7? Builds the Home Button into the Screen
A German designer named Martin Hajek, from the site, created a new iPhone 7 concept that has recently gained wide attention across the web.

This Adorable Dog Knows How To Use His ?Inside Voice? On Command
Most dogs have at least a few tricks up their sleeve (for when treats are around). Sit, stay, and speak are all pretty standard for a pup to pick up on, maybe even some nice roll-over action, too.

Nigerian Restaurant Shut Down for Serving HUMAN MEAT!
Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving HUMAN FLESH

When This Bear And Man Cross Paths, It?s Hard To Tell Who?s More Spooked
When someone is afraid of a typically vicious animal, one response they hear a lot is something along the lines of, ?Hey, they?re more scared of you than you are of them!?

The Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2015
Science is amazing! Scientists and researchers all over the globe are constantly making new and exciting discoveries that will continue to change the course of human life on Earth, and 2015 is no different.

U2 Guitarist The Edge Falls off Stage
The guitarist was walking along the edge of a ramp in the middle of the crowd when he accidentally stepped off the stage.

Hot Molten Lava Versus Coke
This Is What Happens When 2000 Degrees Hit A Couple Of Coke Cans

5 Most Mysterious Underwater Sounds Ever Recorded
Many Mysterious Noises Have Been Recorded From Deep Down That Scientists Can?t Explain, Lets Take A Listen!

Wild Dogs And Crocodiles-Moment Of Impact
These Dogs Are Real Mean In A Group Againgst One Croc Who Doesn’t Care

2 Year Old Isn’t a Fan of Monkeys
It’s awesome how most parents can’t help but laugh when their small children curse.

Meanwhile In Russia… The Door Wasn?t Locked!
Russian Cop Channels Bruce Lee And Kicks Through A Car Window At The End Of A High Speed Chase!

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guide to Blowing Sh*t Up
Crates of explosives, a rocket launcher, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Boom goes the dynamite.

VW Bus is Actually Powered by a 500HP Porsche Engine
On the outside, it looks like a normal Volkswagen Bus, but look under the hood, and you’ll see an air-cooled 6-cylinder Porsche 993 Bi-Turbo engine that pumps out 523 horsepower and 558 lb-ft of toruqe.
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