Arabic Calligraphy by Khawar Bilal
amazing design

Watch and Download Highlights: Bayern München 3 ? 2 FC Barcelona
Watch the superb clash between Bayern Munich and Barcelona

Windows 10 Will Be Microsoft’s Last Big Release
Microsoft announced Windows 10 will be its last major release for the operating system!

I Thought This Cat Was Going To Be Owl Food
But Watch What Happens Next

Chinese Spends Nearly $ 17.000 to Build Homemade Plane
Plane has five meters long and 31 feet wide. Yang Shijun successfully tested the aircraft on Saturday.

I Don?t Care If You Are Different
Here is a funny image of two different animals who are loving each other and we must learn something from them. Funny rare friendship of the day…lol

Make Any Outfit Amazing ? Accessorize!
It?s equally easy to ruin a great outfit and make a simple outfit look amazing with your choice of accessories

Beautiful Macro Photography by Japanese Photographer Miki Asai
Miki Asai is a Japanese photographer, who is living currently in Hokkaido Island, which is north of Japan.

24 Country And City Names You?ve Been Saying Wrong Your Whole Life
Beijing, China

Chinese Billionaire Paid Vacation Trip to France for More Than 6000 Employees
Businessman paid four days of vacation for employees and reserved 140 hotels in Paris to host them.

Bingo Game Ruined by Political Correctness
It would seem that being politically correct is not always a good thing

Can You Guess The Disney Movie Only By The Mansion?
Which Disney fairy tale do these mansions and castles belong to?

10 Funny Animal Hybrids Using Photoshop
Funny Animal Hybrids Using Photoshop

5 of the Most Important Dogs in History
As man?s best friend, it is clear that the dogs could not help but be a significant part of human history, right? This animal was already man?s partner since the Ice Age!

What Houses Are Built Around Moscow
While taking pictures of the Victory parade rehearsal blogger zyalt (Ilya Varlamov) photographed the territory around Moscow to show what houses are rapidly emerging there, standing too close one to another. They look rather expensive, but we cannot say w
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