Top Five Greatest True Love Stories in History
The stories of lovers who believed in each other and their love even if the whole world was against them still inspire and often, make us sad. A closer investigation of the greatest love stories in history reveals that many of the most famous lovers met a

Costumes That Were Far, Far Away
If you are costumes fan, you should see the images below to learn how you must not do.

Photo Cats Seem to Have Done ?something Suspicious? Becomes a Hit
Image reached more than 500.000 views. ?I think I must have interrupted something?, wrote owner.

What Happen If Humans Disappeared From The Earth?
Suppose we eat cake and ready to see Game of Thrones and suddenly at one point we disappeared, all of us, including you. What would happen to our planet? The power plants would be out of fuel and electric fences would stop working, releasing 1.5 billion c

Owner is Shocked After Her Cat Give Birth to a Dog
One woman said she is extremely confused after her cat supposedly given birth to a dog.

Adorable Dragonflies Hiding In My Backyard
This is the series of cute dragonflies I found in my backyard. I have been photographing them for several years. I know them by heart ? their favorite places to be, what they like and how they fly. To capture the beauty and sweetness of these insects I

Life-Sized Tetris Wreaks Havoc In City
Seasoned prankster and friends dress up as tetris blocks and wreak havoc in the city.

This Guy Can?t Stop Photoshopping Mr Bean Into Famous Paintings
In an ongoing series of hilarious Photoshops

Polish Rally Driver Loses Steering Wheel but Keeps Racing
A Polish rally driver has taken his sport to the next level – racing without a steering wheel.

Full-body Mega-muscle Suit
Full-body mega-muscle suit turns you into an instant superhero

US City Tries to Attract Tourists with Extraterrestrials Sculptures
Parking in Baker has ETs giant extraterrestrials sculptures. In addition, the city is known for having the biggest thermometer in the world.

Fantastic Sculptures Made of Scrap Cars Remains
Ptolemy Elrington is an English artist who transforms recycled material in fantastic metal sculptures.

These Things Seen Through a Microscope Are Awesome!
Have you always found science a little boring? Ever wonder what the big deal is about microscopes? Well, get ready to find out! Whether you are a hardcore science nerd or couldn?t name an element on the periodic table to save your life, we?re pretty s

Smartphone Shipments In China Decline For First Time
Smartphone Shipments In China Decline For First Time, For years currently China has been one of the most drivers of growth within the world smartphone market, however it?s like demand within the country is setting out to slow down. For the primary time

Man Fined in Spain for Imitate Superman at Highway
Incident occurred near Los Corales, in the Cantabria region. Passenger leaned body out of the car and pretended to be flying.
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