How Many Creatures Live In The Sea?
Do you know how many creatures live in the sea?

7 Cheaters Exposed On Facebook
Perhaps it’s best not to share such intimate details online…

Vintage Smoking Ads They?d Never Get Away with These Days
Vintage advertisements for cigarettes are so outrageous, so ridiculous, and so blatantly harmful that they almost seem unreal. It?s almost like they?re a joke that no one could have possibly taken seriously. Except they did.

17 Funny Signs Spotted in the Wild
Signs Spotted in the Wild

20 Facts About Dubai ? the City of Luxury
Here we present 20 more amazing facts about Dubai for your entertainment.

What Elementary School Was Like For 90s Kids (32 Pics)
Get ready, you’re about to take a nice little drive down nostalgia lane.

Top 10 Richest Stand Up Comedians in 2015
These ones are highest paid

Animals Who Just Want To Dance
Can?t get your dance steps together? These animals will teach you how to groove with some popular dance hits.

Obama Forgets To Salute Marine
See What Happens After That!

Real Life Indiana Jones
Some Fun Imitating An Iconic Movie

28 Pieces of Interesting General Knowledge
A handful of intriguing facts and random information.

The World?s Largest Pit Bull Who?s Helping To Break Misconceptions About The Breed
Meet Hulk, the world?s largest pit bull. He is only 18 months old but already weighs three times more than a regular pit bull.

New Cool Russian Tracked Armoured Carrier DT 3PM
A new light tracked coupled armoured carrier DT-3PM has been presented to public in Ishimbai, Republic of Bashkortostan. The new vehicle looking this strange is a modified armoured carrier based on model DT-3P for civil and military use whose carrying cap

Just One Of Those Days
One of those days when it’s better to stay in bed because everything is going to turn out bad.

When Scooter Meets Folding Bike, You Get This
The Halfbike II builds upon its predecessor, but at its core, this transportation device trains your balance and reflexes in a new way.
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