What if Video Games Were More Realistic?
They would look like this..

35 Awesome Cakes That Look Too Good To Be Consumed
Some of these fantastic cakes deserve to be considered as works of art and it would be a shame to eat them.

Wahroonga House by Darren Campbell Architect
Located in the leafy northern Sydney suburb of Wahroonga the house presents as a single storey to the street and is accessed via a walkway bridge through a stand of native gum trees. The site falls away from the street and visitor enter on the first floor

This Matchstick Trick Is Cool, Except That It Can Burn Your House Down!
Light the match as shown in the video and it should stick against the other match and rise up to release the coin.

10 OUTRAGEOUSLY Funny Pictures!
You will bust a gut lauging at these pictures

Dan Bilzerian Shares His Awesome Luxury Life on Instagram (23pics)
sometimes luxury is hard core

How To Use Your Body Electricity To Charge Your Phone
Unusual And Easy Way To Charge Your Phone When You Are Not Near An Electrical Power Source

The 25 Most Over-the-Top Expensive Baby Products
When it comes to our babies, we want only the best. The best clothes, the best bedding, the best toys, the top quality stuff. But for a certain segment of the population, top quality has a top that?s over the top. That?s where these crazy expensive ba

How to Make It into the Big League of Spies
Whether you want to get initiated in spy-craft or you are just a concerned citizen, this home-built parabolic microphone is just the thing for you…

22 Clever Things For Your Amusement
See what they did there, and notice how it made you happy.

Amazing Record Player Made Entirely from LEGO
Most record players aren’t the most exciting of musical devices, but "The Planet" just might be the exception.

It Looks Like A Crazy Guy Just Walking Around In The Snow. Then You Zoom Out And.. Whoa.
He could spend hours upon hours creating one design, just to have it be covered by snowfall or blown away by the next day. But he still makes them.

13 Signs Your Girlfriend Might Be Crazy
Subtle hints that will help you determine if your significant other is loco.

LEGO Computer Peripherals Are the Next Big Thing
Watch how this LEGO enthusiast combined various LEGO parts to build a fully functional computer keyboard

Oppo’s Next Superphone Will Be Edgeless
New leaks suggest Oppo’s next superphone will be edgeless!

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