Which Family Guy Character Are You?
Did you ever wonder which Family Guy character you relate to? Find out here!

16 Oh No! Moments
There is a very popular phrase used in English-speaking countries that says ?shit happens?. The meaning is more clear. In life anything can happen, even unexpected things that can become terrible. Then just look this list of times when any shout gonna

Top Ten Amazing Animals With Ninja-Like Camouflage
We all love ninja because they?re so awesome and they even have their own holiday. But the truth is Ninjas are just lies, because in terms of natural ability, humans have zero camouflaging skills. Several animals, on the other hand, are naturally gifted

Is Putin a Superhero? Amazing Political Comics.
Being in command for such a long time draws a lot of attention on yourself. And in the end, power is all about popularity and money. President Putin seems to have these both.

Scanadu?s New Pee Stick Puts The Medical Lab On Your Smartphone
This is an iPhone-ready urinalysis strip that, with just one pee, knows if you are pregnant, diabetic or have been smoking weed.

Mummy Hidden Inside Ancient Buddhist Statue
Meander Medical Center based in the Netherlands decided to test an almost 1000-year old statue in a CT scanner. Interestingly, the results revealed that the age old stature consisted of mummified leftovers of a man. They further expressed their take on th

Street Master Hypnotist Mr P and Mr X
Master Street Hypnotist Uses His Toddler Son To Make A Girl Fall Asleep Then Sit On His Knee! ? Is This For Real?

Elephant Trying to Break Stick Ends Up Really Frustrated
During my trip to the Fort Worth Zoo I noticed this elephant apparently really wanted to break this stick. From the looks of the other one it seems they like chewing on the pieces of it.

Story of the Tallest Man Who Ever Lived
Robert Pershing Wadlow was born in 1918 and was the oldest of 5 children. At 8? 11?, he was the tallest person ever recorded in human history. When he started walking at the age of 11 months he was already 3? 5 and weighed 40 pounds ? roughly the

Pedestrians Disappear After Walking over Sinkhole
Two people plummet when the ground gives way below them.

People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand :)
Following pictures shows how people with glasses feel and how other feels about them. It will show some funny sides of the people with glasses and their problems.

Wach the Most Anticipated Movies of 2015
You want belive what movies are selected

Funny Pictures with Cartoon Eyes on Cats
Our little sweet and furry friends have now became funnier since they are half real, half cartooned. The cartooned eyes put on them express states of being that will surely make you laugh.

Chienbäse Carnival in Switzerland
Chienbäse is a Fasnacht tradition of Liestal, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland. On the Sunday night after Ash Wednesday, the night before the Morgestraich in Basel city, a procession begins of people carrying burning bundles of pinewood chips (called Chienb

Extremely Unsafe Handling!
It could end much worse

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