Woman Hasnt Smiled In 40 Years In Order To Avoid Wrinkles
UK loon woman Tess Christian has not smiled or laughed in over 4 decades in order to avoid wrinkles. Initially, Tess explains, it didnt start out that way, but instead she picked up the habit in Catholic school due to strict nuns who demanded that the kid

These 10 Animals Risked Their Lives To Save Human
Although we live with animals and have studied for many years, there is something about them that we will always amaze, and that is its ability to give and to do something for other species. What you see below is a list of these animals whom saved lives o

Which Marvel Superhero Is The Best?
Hollywood has gone absolutely superhero crazy, and we are all the better for it! Come rank your favorite Marvel cinematic superheroes and see who comes out on top! Comment on your pick and tell us why they?re your #1!

5 Best Celebrities Fathers In The World
A father is a daughters first love and a sons first superhero. Children are always blessed with parents, but its sometimes too cool to have a great officially celeb father .

29 Celebrities Whom Definitely Refuse To Grow Old
We all love celebrities. They are musicians, actors, comedians or presenters, they are icons of our contemporary culture. We all have our favorite artists, and we love to see the looks each season. Just check out this list of 29 celebrities who definitely

Woman Gets Confused in Gas Station
The resulting video quickly became an Internet viral

Internet Monkeys Are the New Internet Cats
Their shameless antics would make one a many of you blush!

Man Says Obama: Don?t Touch My Girlfriend! See What Happens After That!
President Obama cast his ballot in Chicago during early voting for the 2014 Midterm Elections. Coolest American president ever ?

Cesar Millan Introduces Experimental Training Programme for Other Species
Apparently, it works great on fat kids!

Twitter Can Be Awfully Mean Sometimes
Tweeter as an evil

And This Is Why You Don T Argue In Front Of Kids
When this family introduced a new pet to their home, they didn’t expect to meet its former family. Peaches is a mimicking cockatoo who adapted to repeat things she hears.

Anyone Can Build a Vortex Canon!
And wreak havoc amongst the confused office colleagues

Fully Loaded Fail
Fully loaded tuk tuk fail

30 Real People Behind Classic Characters
Think the most famous characters of all time are just a figment of someone’s imagination? Well, that’s like, your opinion, man. Many of the greatest television characters and the best movie characters of all time were either loosely or wholly based on rea

This Is What Happens When….
Family Dog Spots Deadly Cobra In Backyard And Challenges It

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