Artists Promote Literacy By Installing These Fun Storybook Benches Throughout London
Dozens of benches shaped like open books in London to promote literacy

41 Weird Headlines That Prove Just How Ridiculous 2014 Was
Weird news headlines.

15 Hilarious Ways That People Bravely Stood Up To Companies
Clever ways people fought back against corporations.

Artist Turns Ordinary Foam Coffee Cups Into Handheld Art With His Creative Illustrations
Malaysian artist Cheeming Boey creates awesome, elaborate black marker drawings on ordinary foam coffee cups.

Edible Chocolate LEGOs Give You The Perfect Reason To Play With Your Food
Japanese artist makes lego shaped snacks.

40 Unusual Vintage Photos That Show Just How Weird We’ve Always Been
Bizarre things that happened throughout history.

14 Ways This Generation Is Being Screwed Over
Downsides of being part of the millennial generation.

21 Shameful Ways We Are Forcing Children To Be Sissies
Ways being overprotective and repressed can negatively affect kids.

Fashionable Free Transportation is Now a Reality!
The Organic Transit ELF is one of the most innovative crossbreeds between micro cars and pedal power…

12 Reasons Aquaman No Longer is the Worst Superhero Ever
When you think of the most badass Justice League member, you more than likely are not going to think of Aquaman. Well, the people behind Justice League: Throne of Atlantis hope to change that. Aquaman definitely has a bad rap.

The Trebuchet or the Medieval A-Bomb
One of the most terrifying Middle Ages weapon, the trebuchet was capable of tossing everything from large stones to dead horses over an enemy wall with devastating effect.

Fully Functional Robots Walked Among Us Before WW2!
An interesting video reel from a time when scientists were busy creating either the most advanced home companion or a fierce mechanized fighting machine.

Call of Duty Vs PacMan – a Scientifical Opinion
This site might have the clues for finding out if a beloved oldie is better than an action-packed modern shooter…

The Hipster Unicorn is Real!
Many talk about it, none have seen it – a rare video of this fabled animal.

24 Animals That Are Already Over Their New Year?s Diet
These animals partied a little too hard over the holidays and decided to just keep it going because Diet is SO 2014!
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