Donetsk, Ukraine, These Days
Donetsk these days is like this? The girl behind the camera, the kid, says ?This is beautiful?. Her mom responds: ?What?s beautiful???. Then hushing her daughter like her loud voice can attract the fire on themselves. It?s GRAD systems firin

Disguised Weapons on Craigslist
Disguised weapons on CraigslistDisguised weapons on Craigslist and more

15 Most Funny Book Titles Ever !
?What in the world were they thinking?? They say don?t judge a book by it?s cover? Well, we?re judging. Here are some of the most Funny book titles we?ve ever come across.

What Nation Would You Serve Under In WW2?
Find out what nation you would most likely serve under in WW2! From France to the USSR, who would you serve?

Vintage Stereoscopic Images From The Annals Of History
These incredible stereoscopic images were collected and assembled for our pleasure by Vintage 3D.

Will It Beard? by Stacy Thiot
Sticking things in your husband’s beard for the sake of photography.

This is Something 99% of Peoples Saw
This is not an empty house with a glass roof, yep

11 Housekeeping Hacks From The 1950s You Can Still Use
These old photos from vintage 1950s issues of Popular Mechanics show how homeowners have always been discovering clever ways to make life simple. And some of them still hold up today!

20 Of The Best Business Cards Ever Printed
Whether for business or pleasure, these cards are ready to make you laugh?

Hackers (According to Stock Photo Sites)
How hackers look according to stock photo sites.

Star Wars Rebellion Propaganda Posters
Funny Star Wars posters as if they doing propaganda.

What is the Fastest Elevator in the World?
It is the tower Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, traveling at 59 feet per second, equivalent to about 40 mph .

It’s always fun to break the rules and enter into restricted places.

NASA Doesn’t Want You to See This Comet 67P Image
Scientists had previously said comet was ‘blacker than charcoal’ following data from the Alice instrument, but today, the first true color image of Comet 67P has been released, showing that it’s actually red.

Afghanistan in the Late 1960′s
Afghanistan in the late 1960′s Afghanistan in the late 1960′s
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