These Photos Prove That Helmet?s Really Do Save Lives (20 Pics)
These photos prove that helmet?s really do save lives (20 pics) These photos prove that helmet?s really do save lives (20 pics)

20 Feel-Good Strategies That Only Take A Minute
It’s so easy to get caught up playing the victim, to throw ourselves a pity party, and wallow in our misery ? we’re all guilty of it from time to time.

All Aboard The BBQ Train (7 Pics)
A man known as "Illinois Slim" created one of the coolest grills of all time. It took him two years to put it together, but he can now grill his meat to perfection.

Miracle: Owner Saves Dog From Python’s Clutches
Man uses leafy branch to rescue his dog from certain death by constricting snake…

Athos Core is a Suit That Works Like Your Trainer
Have you ever thought about having an outfit that is your personal trainer? Athos Core sends details to your muscles working, your heartbeat, your breathing and much more, all on your iphone ? a different way of working out.

4C Definitiva Alfa Romeo: 0-60 in 2.5 seconds
Only 0-60 in 2.5 seconds 738hp this is the new project of Lazzarini Design Alfa Romeo 4C. This amazing concept Alfa Romeo will leave you slack-jawed.

How Many 21 Jump Streets Will There Be?!
They are already on 22 Jump Street, could it be that they have many more to come? Check them out!

Cute Animal GIFS Playing Dead
You can never get too much cuteness from a cute animal playing dead!

The 15 Greatest News Reporter Freakouts
So what news reporter had the ?best? meltdown? That depends on your point of view. If you love TV reporter meltdowns, then take a look at this list and watch poetry in motion.

Well Played, Google? (20 Pics)
Here are just a few funny Google search results that have been spotted by the masses?

Fat Kid Hunting Tree Pigs Fail
Pigs may fly but this kid sure can’t.

A Real Bird Engineer
It all starts with the collection of raw material. Apart from wet clay out of the ground, the bird, whose scientific name is Furnarius rufus, uses manure mixed with straw. The house is built jointly by the male and the female, who come to make hundreds of

Top 10 Best NFL End Zone Dances Ever
If you think today’s end zone dances are good wait until you see the ones from over ten or twenty years ago!

22 Japanese-to-English T-Shirts That Got Lost in Translation
These Japanese shirts appear to include English words almost at random?

A Look at Some of the Most Advanced Rocket Launchers

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