Shocking Moment Woman Jumps out of a Car Grabs Another Driver by Her Hair
This shocking moment shows how a woman grabbed an innocent motorist by the hair and violently assaulted her in the street in the middle of the day after a road rage row over parking.

Action Mobil Global XRS 7200 Expedition Vehicle
You need the Action Mobil Global XRS 7200 expedition vehicle. Essentially an all-terrain motor home, this thing has everything you need to set up basecamp literally anywhere on Earth. At the heart of this 18-ton beast is a 720-horsepower engine, and whil

Mind-Bending Photo Series Blends Models Into NYC Landscapes [Gallery]
Take a look at fascinating surrealistic photos, where models become integral part of NY surroundings.

Relonch Case Camera for Apple IPhone
The case will slide right over your phone, and using the Lightning port will give you access to an improved APS-C sensor alongside a permanently affixed f/2 lens. The case is designed to work on both the iPhone 5 and the newly released iPhone 6, and it al

The Scariest Job In the World
This job is not for the the faint of heart.

Fake Soldier At A Funeral Confronted By Real Marines
At a funeral over the weekend in West Palm Beach, this man is casually approached by a couple of suspicious Marines.

10 Strange Facts About Dreams You Must Know
Today?s post was inspired by this weird dream I had last night. Dreams have a deep meaning and does not mean what you see. So that?s a relief! My main intention to write this post is to get more feedback on what people have experienced in their dreams

What Lies Inside This Church Will Surely Creep You Out. Definitely Not an Ordinary One!
Are you brave enough to go inside this church?

What an Incredible Dream World
Zen Hoover, a 15-year-old Massachusetts-based artist, started taking pictures when he was just 8-years-old and, over the years, he has developed his skills to an impressively high level.

Family Living in Fear After Invasion of Monster Spiders
A young family are living in constant fear and could be driven from their home ? because of an invasion of monster venomous spiders which attack humans instead of running away.

15 Awesome Gifs of Classic Movie Openings
Here?s some of the other greatest opening frames in movie history; moments that got their stories running from their very first frame.

These Photographs Seem Like They Were Taken In A Fantasy World
Christopher J. Rivera is an amazing photographer based out of California. Though he is only 21 years of age, Rivera seemingly mastered the art of making fantasy seem like reality. Or is it the other way around? Whatever it is

New IPhone in Desperate Bid to Win Back Wife
A heartbroken husband queued for 44 hours to buy the new iPhone 6 in a bid to win back his wife after she kicked him out ? because of his obsession with gadgets.

Adorable Animals Trying To Be Tough
These Adorable Animals are trying to be tough but the most they can be is really cute and funny ?

Wealthy Geeks Only
So, you’ve seen the world’s most luxurious Las Vegas villas / suites, Maldives resorts, and first class airplane suites. Now here are some of the coolest private jets for wealthy geeks.
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