Top 10 Most Influential Presidents of United States
Here is the list of top 10 most influential presidents of the United States of America.

Little P Is The World?s Saddest Cat
Little P is quickly becoming Instagram?s newest star. He?s giving Grumpy Cat a run for his money because Little P may very well be the world?s saddest looking cat. He just wants a friend, will you be his friend?

Very Interesting Photos, Part 2
A dose of curious images

Car Collector $ 4 Million Home With Showroom Garage
With temperatures in the Gulf still baking hot, wealthy Arabs are seeing out the end of the summer in London?s rather milder climes. And, in what is becoming an annual tradition, they have brought their supercars with them. As these astonishing pictures

Top 3 Scariest Ghost Pictures
Real Life Ghost Photos

Throwing Knives Top 6
21 feet. An attacker can move 21 feet in the time it takes a professionally trained person to reach for a firearm, draw, aim, and fire it. For someone who is not trained by the police or the military, it takes even longer, allowing an attacker to close a

Russian Ads are Deceptive!
Can you spot a cheating in this ad? :)

The Woman With The Biggest Hands In The World
A Thai woman is thought to have the world?s biggest hands ? weighing almost one-and-a-half stone each. For more than 50 years, shop owner Duangjay Samaksamam, from Surin Province, Thailand, has suffered from an extremely rare and painful affliction th

Cellphones Make People Flaky As #%@*
You may have noticed it’s become increasingly difficult to make plans and keep them. Cellphones have made people flaky as #%@*.

Living in the World of Anarchy
New York-based photographer Morgan Ashcombe spent several weeks photographing everyday life of an Anarchist group Leviathan in Ohio.

15 Celebrity Yearbook Photos You Need To See
These celebrities are all now huge stars but they had to start somewhere. At one point or another we?re all just awkward high school kids and celebrities are no different. See what your favorite stars looked like in high school.

Wheel and Axle Come off Moving Car
Driving along on a highway in Russia somewhere, all of a sudden the car’s wheel and axle comes off and goes flying!

Stunning Space Photography from the ISS
It is difficult now to find a modern man, who has not heard about the service Instagram. People take pictures and spread in their accounts of animals, beautiful places and food. But let us put aside the usual boring and order for us to look at the images

Midual Type 1 Motorcycle Masterpiece
This week in London, French motorcycle manufacturer Midual is taking the wraps off the two working prototypes of its Midual Type 1 model, and it?s probably quite fair to throw the term ?masterpiece? around here.

Abandoned Places with Eerie Shade of ..
Sunken yacht, Antarctica. This eerie ghost ship is Brazilian yacht «Mar Sem Fim», sunken near Ardley Cove in Antarctica.
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