Shockwave Hits After Rocket Explodes
Last year a Russian rocket exploded due to malfunction. We included some footage of this, but recently more footage has been released. Watch as the shockwave from the blast strikes the building.

Dad Builds a Hovercraft for Kids
Second version of homemade hovercraft. Cut 22# from 1.0 using polystyrene insulation board.

Wonderful Stadium Designs from Around the World
Sports are one of the most extreme fields of interest and joy, that?s why building sports architectures is very tough and should be clever too, in order to draw people to them, so in this article we are viewing some of the most wonderfully designed stad

Crazy Selfie From Hong Kong Skyscraper
It starts as a video of smiling friends eating bananas but within seconds it becomes a contender for the world’s scariest selfie.

Best Made Company have dedicated their existence to equipping customers with quality tools they can use and pass down for generations, such as this beautiful enamelware collection.

10 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Cars
Celebrities splash their cash on incredible cars to look stylish and they definitely make the rest of us jealous!

Disney?s Famous Characters Are Inspired by Real People
You’d never guess that its most famous cartoon characters are actually inspired by real people, you?ll get really amazed when you know these inspirations of real characters

Classy Tattoo
One of the classiest ladies around

Clever Thief Steals TV Like A Boss
Vote if you watched this twice to see if you could actually see the tv again.

Ten Hidden Towns of Europe
Want to see more than just the Eiffel Tower & Big Ben, these 10 hidden gems of Europe are guaranteed to show you the best of local culture, tradition and fun.

The Place That Brings No Joy
Pictures of a military object abandoned somewhere in the Moscow region. We have seen many of them, but this one is even more depressive. The author of the pictures, blogger sunjedy, says he?d prefer to have some vodka there instead of a cam.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System “Grad” Hits the Target
Hit of a Soviet multiple launch rocket system BM-21 ?Grad? can be really destructive. Just check it out.

Israel?s Short-Range Missile Defence System In Action!
Iron Dome keeps intercepting them before they can land. Watch as 15 rockets get intercepted at the same time!

Pictures of Celebrity Cars
Celebrity Cars are just like any other car except a Celebrity is driving!

Top Ten ‘True Blood’ Moments
In honor of True Blood’s renewal, we?ve compiled a list of the top ten moments from the series.
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