Microscopic Slow Motion Meets Jellyfish. Check This Out!
Cool to look at but not so cool to be stung by one. Check out the details of a jellyfish sting in this informative and pretty damn interesting video.

Top 14 Exotic Animals You Can Actually Ride And Look Spectacularly Awkward While Doing So
Giddy-up! For when riding a horse is just too mainstream.

This Man Calls Himself The Book Surgeon
New York City-based artist Brian Dettmer’s nickname is the "Book Surgeon," and with good reason. His art is created almost exclusively using old books

Stakelight by UCO
The Stakelight by UCO, makes campsite navigation safe and easy, it creates a perimeter of light around your tent, making it easy to find or set-up, it also alerts campers to the presence of tent guy lines

Tanks Bathing In the Mud
The third international forum ?Engineering Technologies? held in August 13-17th in Zhukovskiy (Moscow region) was visited by over 80 thousand people. The pictures you are going to see depict the tank show included in the program of the forum.

Reversible USB Coming on IPhone 6
The new iPhone 6 is going to have a reversible USB that can fit on any sides!

Guardians of the Galaxy Facts
Here are some interesting facts about the latest blockbuster from Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy

awkward pictures of people attempting intimacy.

Here Are 20 Irrefutable Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
Cats get all the glory on the Internet. Even Grumpy Cat himself makes a little more than waitress, freelancer or intern. (Yes. That cat makes money.) But what about dogs

Fruit and Veggie Carvings That Will Blow Your Mind!
Remember when mom or dad told you not to play with your food? Well, there is one exception ? you can play with it, as long as you make some awesome carvings or creations with them. It?s very nice to look at, but wouldn?t you feel bad about eating it

Engineering Technologies of Russia: The Show
More new and experimental, tried and tested and traditional equipment from the the third international forum ?Engineering Technologies? held in August 13-17th in Zhukovskiy (Moscow region).

Meanwhile In Phone Booth, Ring Ring?
Who’s calling there?

Making Photos Around Railway? I Would Not Do That!
?Making photos around the railway? You are a terrorist.?, at least this is what Dmitry says.

Crocodile Named ‘Michael Jackson’ is Shot Dead After Killing Man in Front of His Wife
Crocodile named ‘Michael Jackson’ is shot dead

I?m Sorry But Was This Not Already Obvious?
Some things just need signs!

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