When Your Car Gets Stuck In A Pond
This Chinese man from the city of Nanjing was going way too fast when he lost control of his car and landed in a pond. He was rescued and so was the car but he definitely won?t go speeding down this street ever again.

Fun Facts
A set of curious and fun facts

Airplanes Divert Around Thunderstorms
Watch what happens when thunderstorms strike the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta-Hartsfield.

Meet Blondie Bumstead The Baby Koala
This baby koala nicknamed ?Blondie Bumstead? is currently in the care of a volunteer from the community Ipswich Koala in Queensland. It?s not often that you see pictures of koalas at such a young age. Isn?t it so cute?

The 31 Most Husky Things That Have Ever Happened In The History
So fierce, so beautiful, and so ridiculously cute. When these beautiful eyes gazed upon the world and everyone melted a little inside.

MOOse Drinking from Sprinkler
mOOse drinks from a sprinkler in someone’s yard. Bear Lake, UT

Daily Lol, Part 22
A daily dose of interesting and funny pictures

Everyone Needs This Swiss Army IPhone Case
Swiss army knives are so outdated. Now we have the swiss army iPhone case.

Candid Photos From The Dark Knight Interrogation Scene
An inside look at one of the most iconic scenes from The Dark Knight.

36 Snapchats That Pair Famous Artworks With Inappropriate Quotes
These people are all a lot better at snapchat than my friends.

10 Funny Dating Jokes For The Bachelors Of The World
These are 10 funny jokes from The Everything Big Book of Jokes that every guy can relate to. Dating isn?t easy, but hang in there. Love is a battlefield.

Incredible Acrobatic Motorbike Accident
Watch: Is this the luckiest motorcycle rider ever?

This Kid Playing Dubstep On Guitar Is Seriously Epic
It’s true that rock bands and EDM artists don’t usually mix – one relies on playing organic instruments, one relies on shifting pixels around the screen.

The Greatest Sports Illustrated Photographs Ever
Sports Illustrated has published some amazing photographs over the years but these 50 pictures are without a doubt the best ones.

See The Inside Of A Bear Den
Have you ever wondered where bears go when they hibernate all winter? Take a look at the inside of a bear den.

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