This Japanese Cafe Lets Coffee Drinkers Play With Incredible Reptiles All Day Long
On the outside, the Yokohama Subtropic Teahouse looks like a cozy place to grab coffee and a snack. Inside, though, this Japanese cafe is jam-packed with all kinds of reptiles?snakes, tortoises, frogs, and lizards?that customers can touch and hold. Vi

World’s Highest Bar ? Ozone Bar
Do you know how high it is?

Hilarious Moments Show The Real Struggle Of Brothers And Sisters
If you have a sibling, you know exactly how it feels. Awesome when you?ve got a partner in crime. Horrible when they?re stealing your favorite things. Miserable when they?re gone. Appreciation, because they?re the only person (people) who know how

The Most Horrendous DIY Fails In The History Of DIY Fails
The Internet is the perfect place for craft inspiration. It is also the beginning of a lot of miserable, yet hilarious failures.

Crazy Stuff for Sale: Gold USB Drives
I am not sure they are actually made of gold but they look like gold bars. Come in different shapes and forms, just search for those

McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier in Asian City!?
The USS Peleliu (LHA-5) AH-1Z Viper amphibious assault ship was docked in Hong Kong for unknown reason.

These Four Guys Are Sailing Over 500 Miles On A Boat They Made Out Of Plastic Bottles
One man?s garbage is another man?s? boat?

1 Terabyte RAM for Smartphones Possible
Scientists from Rice university believe 1 terabyte RAM for smartphones and tablets is possible in the future!

Crazy Things to Buy: Remotely Controlled Flying F*ck
Yes, you heard it right, remotely controlled flying F-word. You can now fly the f*ck. No really they sell those!

Cool Things to Buy: Reserved Beach Towel
Not often we review some brilliant ideas, but sometimes people come out with something really useful. Beach towels anyways are used to reserve the tanning beds.

Skeleton system pro II app allows users to explore the fascinating skeletal system.

Deer Licks Camera Lens
A deer walks up to me and licks the lens of my ContourROAM2 on my porch

B-And-Bee Shelter Looks to Comfort Festival Goers
Belgian company Achilles Design aims to bring those festival goers a little extra comfort with its honeycomb-shaped B-And-Bee shelter.

10 Most Bizarre and Sinister Scientists
Here?s a list of 10 such bizarre and sinister scientists:

This is How a Bombing Run Looks Through a B-52′s Bomb Bay Doors
Watching 16 tons of explosives fall on this tiny little island is awe-inspiring?unless you are some animal living in that island, that is. Then it’s pretty terrible. Sometimes it surprises me how something as horrible as this raw destruction power fasci
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