The Robot Lounge and Restaurant In Tokyo
There is no other place in Tokyo that screams ?Tokyo? louder than the Robot Restaurant in the Shinjuku neighborhood. They just recently added the Robot Lounge, which is hard to process.

From Legend To Reality, Lost Egyptian City Found After 1,200 Years
An Ancient Egyptian City Heracleion disappeared beneath the Mediterranean about 1,200 years ago and for centuries it was thought to be a legend. But a great discovery proved that the lost city was real and started to reveal what life was like in the legen

10 Mad Facts About The Human Body!
Our bodies work in the most spectacular way and you probably won?t know everything there is to know about it. Even if you were taught in school or read about it, some of the things it can do will make you think again and never take your body for granted

Fatal Inventive Deliveries in Cricket
As the game of cricket is evolved, new rules are introduced in the game. With the changing rules the game becomes much difficult for bowlers. Flat pitches, field restriction, power play, restriction of only one bouncer in an over (now two in ODIs) in an

Ducati 900SS By Atom Bomb
Renowned builder Clay Rathburn of Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles has brought his expertise to a 1996 Ducati 900SS he happened upon a couple of years ago, and dude has left no stone unturned in transforming this thing into a serious streetfighter.

Awesome Driving Skills At High Speeds
Jos Goodyear, aboard his car GWR Raptor, beat half a second record of Doune Hillclimb in Scotland, with a time of 35.05 seconds

Reliable Signs It’s Damn Hot Outside
26 signs it’s too hot outside.

Combat Guard 4×4 Armored Vehicle
Israel Military Industries has just pulled the curtain back on their latest line of defense for the zombie apocalypse in the Combat Guard ? the ultimate armored 4×4 vehicle.

Top 5 Most High Paid Athletes In The World
Athletics is an exclusive collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country running, and race walking. The simpl

9 Real-Life Love Stories That Are Better Than The Movies
Real-Life Love Stories

Chef Has to Wear GAS MASK to Cook Mouth
stitle *Chef colding sauce for drumstick eating challenge

This Plus-Size Mom’s Pole Dancing Routine Even Inspires Simon Cowell
Pole Dancing Routine Even Inspires Simon Cowell

This is the Creepiest IPhone Case Yet
No, this isn’t some computer-rendered practical joke, but an actual iPhone case you can buy right now in Japan.

Top 21 Coolest Spiders Ever To Haunt Your Dreams
Spiders might be a bit terrifying, but even if they make you want to run in the other direction, there?s no denying that these ones are pretty cool.

Scientists Found Earth-Sized Planet Made Of Diamonds
Scientists found another planet that is made of diamonds if you can travel 900 light years away!
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