South Korea from Above
Awesome view from South Korea

10 Technologies That Screwed Our Life
Technologies Screwed Our Life In many ways, technology has enhanced our daily lives. We are capable of doing things today that our grandparents never would have dreamed of doing. But at the same time, technology has occasionally changed our lives for the

Top 10 One Hit Wonders
Inside is a list of 10 one-hit wonders in the past 10 years.

10 Overrated Celebrities
For whatever reason, the importance of all of these celebrities is highly exaggerated, most of all, by themselves.

Minimalist Bike from Vanmoof
Dutch company Vanmoof have added a new minimalist bike to their growing collection, The T Series is a compact urban cruiser designed for densely populated cityscapes.

Top 10: DC Comics Villains
DC and Marvel have been battling it out over the premiere superhero spot for decades. While Marvel has owned the cinema recently and has a huge lead in popularity, DC’s depth of villains could be their only answer.

Cute Felt Animals
OMG, they are so cute!

These 21 Awful Jokes That Are Actually Quite Funny
If you?re having a bad day, take a look at these, you?ll be shaking your head while trying to stop yourself from giggling at the same time

5 Facts You Didn?t Know About Radiation
Here are just some of the facts about radiation and some of the horrible crimes society has committed too.

The Ultimate Wedding Car
Perfect wedding car for people who have the need to show off.

Feeling Like A Rockstar
The star moment of life

Cool Bionic Technologies of the Future
Cool Bionic Technologies of the Future May 03, 2012 No Comments by Administrator Bionic technologies are closer than ever to reality and they include: exoskeleton suits, eyes, and even RFID chips designed to unlock doors.

Past and Present
We should be happy from being where we are

How Chinese Students Cheat on Exams
If you thought standardized tests were nerve wracking, think again. China’s National College Entrance Examinations, also known as the Gaokao, is the most important event for students in the country.

Top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies
Here are my Top 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.
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