This Artist Does Freehand Tattoos. No Sketches, No Stencils
This artist does freehand tattoos

The 26 Most Badass Animals From World War II
A mascot proudly poses in front of the the British RAF men who bombed the Nazi warships at Bergen

10 Shocking Facts About American Prisons
America loves locking people up, the land of the free is the land of the prison too. The so-called Prison-Industrial Complex has become a matter of national concern to rival President Eisenhower?s original warning about a Military-Industrial Complex bec

This Restaurant Worker Creates Delicious Chocolate Sauce Plates For Resort Guests
When you get inspiration to be creative, it doesn?t matter where you are, you need to unleash your talents. Redditor The_Abe_Froman is one such person, working at a resort as an expeditor. If he happens to find out something about you, he?ll draw it o

These Were Made with Everyday Toothpicks
Toothpick City, is made from over 100,000 toothpicks.

Top 38 Camouflaged Animals Who Are Almost Impossible To Spot
It may take a second to spot them, but in every single one of these pictures is a master of disguise.

Baseball-Sized Hail In Blair, Nebraska Caused Unbelievable Damage To Homes And Cars
On Tuesday, June 3, the Midwest was pounded by thunderstorms, flooding, and even tornadoes. The most ridiculous part of the crazy weather, though, was the hail. Balls of ice the size of baseballs fall from the sky, smashing windshields, battering homes, a

This is Just Too Weird to Explain
53 really strange photos.

Scientists Found A Way To Recover or Delete Memories
A group of scientists have successfully recovered and delete memories to rats and is planning to test it on humans!

Did You Like RailModel? Look at This Bag…
Sneak your toys to work in style with this Blumenau Model Train Set, which squeezes a locomotive, two carriages and a summer landscape with tunnel into an aluminum Noch briefcase.

Look This Anonymous Jokester Renames Store Wines With Hilarious Results
They?re calling it ?vin-dalism? but I like to call it supermarket art. We?re all accustomed to those somewhat-uppity wine descriptions on the shelves describing primary aromas and secondary bouquets. You?re likely to see words such as velvety, s

66 Incredibly Cool Photos Made Without Photoshop
These awesome photos are not photoshopped.

After Being Missing for 3 Years, a Woman’s Body Was Found… but It Had Been Turned into Soap!
In 1940, a body was found wrapped and tied up in blankets and floating in a lake. The woman, apparently strangled, was unrecognizable, however, and not because her body had decomposed. Instead, due to a strange chemical transformation, the flesh had turne

Top 5 Most Cruel And Brutal Rulers In The World
Here?s a list of most cruel leaders in human history. These persons are so cruel when leading their country or kingdom. They make policies that make many people miserable and killed many of them.

Top Cities to Visit in Eastern Europe
The continent of Europe is home to a large and diverse set of countries. When we think of the typical rite of passage trip that initiates most of us into the wanderlust club, the West and its world-famous cities, such as Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam come t
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