Hilarious Dating Tips From The Past
How was it happening then?

A Tribute To All Things Donuts!
For all lovers of donuts

Valley of Whales in Egypt
The deserts of Egypt contains some of the best preserved paleontological sites in the world one of which is Wadi al-Hitan or the Valley of Whales. This remote valley in the Western Desert, some 150 km southwest of Cairo, contains valuable collection of fo

Glow-in-the-Dark Roads Now a Reality
What could contribute to the safety of motorists and also save energy at the same time? Glow in the dark roads, ofcourse!

This Is How You Celebrate 420 The Right Way
Every year 4/20 is a huge holiday for pot smokers so if you’re going to party on 4/20 you better make sure you do it right.

The Ferrari Pick-up Prank
These group of guys go out in a Red Ferrari Italia 458 for a social experiment and to see if girls fall for the guy or for the swanky car. Watch the prank video right here.

10 Record Setting Attractions in the United States
Here, we?ve compiled a top 10 list (according to CNN) of nature?s record setting attractions in the United States, decide the most beautiful amongst these.

Majestic GIF Pranks
You have been pranked!

Gifs All Stoners Can Relate To 15
Does it look familiar?

A Grand Flowers Design On A Staircase
Each year, during the La Scala Flower Festival, about two thousands potted plants and flowers of different shades and colors are arranged on the historic staircase to create one grand design.

Top 5 Scariest Paranormal Clips
I didn?t make any of these clips, I only found them on YouTube. What do you think? Are they real or fake? Write in a comment !

Police And Thier Friends Prank
A policeman goes to arrest some guy stealing cars in a parking lot. However, he finds out the thief is a longtime friend of his! They catch up, they bond, and the cop sets his friend free. You can get away with any crime as long as you know the right peop

Functional “Cloak of Invisibility”
Functional "Cloak of Invisibility" that can make people completely invisible had been developed by Canadian company HyperStealth Biotechnology and works without cameras, batteries, or mirrors.

IPhone Case Built in a Similar Manner As a Swiss Army Knife
Multi-functional iPhone case named ReadyCase is built in a similar manner as a Swiss army knife, headphone clip, multi-angled kickstands, aftermarket lens ring, USB drive, and a multi-tool all fit within 3mm thick case.

Giant Rats
Usually, rats are considered pests and people use many methods of exterminating them. However, the rats evolved and mutated to much strong species. Now, they are something we could call super-rats.

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