Shining Examples of How Photos Can Be More Fun from an Ideal Vantage Point
Everything is a matter of forced perspective. This is a commonly used trick photography to give a false idea of size of an object. You can find many examples of images using this technique on the internet but I separated 40 examples that impressed me a lo

Here Are The 10 Most Insanely Dangerous Airstrips In The World.
The odds that you?ll be killed during a commercial airline flight are about 1 in 19.8 million.

The Strand Craft 122 is a Super Yacht With a Huge Price Tag
The Strand Craft 122 is a super yacht designed by Eduard Gray, is a truly unique piece of automotive history as it is the first super yacht to be styled together with a matching super car. It is estimated that the Strand Craft 122 will be sold for $ 24 mil

25 Awesome Pictures Showing the Secret Life of Squirrels
Squirrels rarely seem to keep still, so seeing them like this is amazing. These brilliant photographs are by Max Ellis, a freelance photographer from the UK.

Greek Soccer Fans Surround Stadium With Ring Of Flares, Awesomeness Ensues (VIDEO)
Great atmosphere created by the fans of PAOK before the semifinal with Olympic !

10 Of The Strangest Things Flown On NASA?s Space Shuttles
A remarkable number of odd ?things? are flown first-class, other than people looking to travel luxuriously with free drinks, goodie bags, and a little extra legroom. Supposedly, renowned cellist Lynn Harrell travels the globe on two airline tickets, o

Meanwhile, in Russia Firefighter on His Magic Carpet [video]
A firefighter in Russia hovers metres off the ground on a home-made jet-pack.

33 Graphs That Reveal Painfully True Facts About Everyday Life
Danish writer/artist duo Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler create comedy cartoons and graphs depicting the everyday struggles, irritations, and insights of their fellow Westerners.

Flying Triangle Captured Over Kansas, Might Be Classified SR-72
The famous Skunk Works Lockheed Martin just revealed their work on the potential replacement of the venerable SR-71 Blackbird, exclusive of U.S. Aviation Week website.

What Do Russian Cosmonauts Eat?
Several research institutes and experimental plants are operating in Russia for the production of food products for space. This country is the only one in the world where operating organizations specialized in the manufacture of food for the space.

Top Secret Russian Underground Line
Report from the U.S. Department of Defense: In 1991, the United States Department of Defense published a report entitled ?Military Forces in Transition?, which devoted several pages to a secret government underground facility in Moscow. It also includ

37 Best Scary Two Sentence Stories
Absolutely Terrifying Two Sentence Horror Stories

Old Watch Towers of Ingushetia
here is an interesting story about the construction process – each tower had to be finished in the span of one year. If the builders couldn’t complete it in 365 days the unfinished tower was demolished or left abandoned as a sign of the weakness of the tr

Safety School for Stewardesses
Photo report from a AstanaAir flight attendants being trained for safety

Wife Laughs As Husband Is Stung By Wasps
Man Tries To Knockdown Wasps Nest As Wife Watches And Laughs
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