Seven Of The World?s Most Talented Kids
To the parents who proudly smack their child?s ?Student of the Month? sticker on their car bumpers for others? admiration, prepare to be amazed.

50 Unique Examples of Landscapes
Photography about nature is commonly called as Landscape and the most important element of these kind of photos is light. Usually landscapes are photographed in low angled light of dawn or dusk and by adding some contrast at the right time to the photos,

5 Beautiful Digital Art and Painting
Digital art and painting somehow, having the same meanings. Designers has created this new art by working at Adobe Photoshop.

The Orbotix Sphero 2B Robot Can Roll Faster Than You Can Run
Check out a teaser video

The Fantastic Lazareth Wazuma V8FMatte
Wazuma a mixture of a car with a bike

Epic Historical Photos!
See a collection of historical images!

Real People Who Look Like Dolls!
It has become fashion. So more and more people trying to appear like live dolls! See the most "famous" persons who have distinguished so far.

Tehran City?s Upscale American-style Burger Joints
Greasy burger joints have been part of Tehran?s fast-food landscape for decades, even in the years just after the 1979 Islamic revolution, when any symbol of U.S.

Underfoot Japanese Land Ablaze
The Japanese believe that after going through the fire, you can secure a good health and longevity.

Future Aircraft – The Only Way to Fly
it will be in near future

LG Lifeband Touch Leaks Ahead
of expected CES 2014 unveiling

A Magic Gravity Defying Cube That Can Jump, Balance, and Walk Across Surfaces [video]
By precisely spinning internal wheels and stopping them in a highly controlled way, the Cubli can do some incredible tricks

LIttle Electricity Savior Gives 15 Mins Backup
it gives you an extra 10 to 15 minutes of power so you can save your work!

Santamania Everywhere
We offer you a small portion of "Santamania" that swallowed the world.

Is This the Fastest Private Jet Ever?
With a hefty $ 60-$ 80 million price tag, the Spike Aerospace S-512 is touted as the world’s first supersonic business jet, with the ability to transport passengers from Los Angeles to Tokyo in just 5-hours.
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