Alien Face Hidden to Look Like Mountains in Canada, Google Earth Discovery [video]
Giant ALIEN FACE or Indian CHIEF FACE found on Google Earth, in Canada, over 400 meters across, great detail, Millions of years old.

Interesting Engagement Statistics
At any time surprise how your engagement stacks up in opposition to the relaxation?

Chic Garment Racks That Provide Modern Clothing Storage
Most people have struggled with a lack of closet space at one point in their lives. The hassle of cramming garments and trying to stay organized seems impossible without a spacious closet to make the process easier. But what if getting dressed and storing

How To Make The World’s Expensive Smart Phone?
Vertu is a British company and is a subsidiary of Nokia. They make high-end mobile phone in gold, platinum, titanium alloy and polished steel. The most expensive model is $ 84,700 (62,000 Euros) and is called the Signature Diamond.

If Mr. Bean…Hahaha :D
The Different Mr. Beans

Inside Most Energy Efficient Home – Must See
The Solar Decathlon is a sight to behold: more than a dozen homes are built on-site with inspiring energy-saving technologies.

Cute Wet Dogs
The French photographer Sophie Gamand shows by these cute photos so funny yet tender that dogs are occasionally enjoy a refreshing shower. It is a big change when dogs take showers, but also funny.

You Won’t Believe How Big The World’s Largest Ship Really Is
Boasting a hull longer than the Empire State Building is tall, Samsung Heavy’s Prelude has been floated out of dry dock in Geoje, South Korea for the first time.

Action Cat
New internet hero – Action cat

The Future of out World
A small glipse into a timeline of epic scale

Sherman Tanks over the Seabed
Sherman tanks from the shipwreck of the Empire Heritage that lies in 70m depth.

I Got a New Swim Cap!
See and learn how to put a new swim cap on!

The Smiling Nuclear Icebreaker
Such nuclear icebreakers have been used for tourist trips to the North Pole since 1989,

Gadgets and Designs Made from Chocolate Lovers
Collection of creative edible gadgets and designs made from chocolate.

12 REAL Facebooks Which Are Made From Books
What Real Facebooks Look like
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