How to Draw an Empty Potato Chips Bag
Guy makes an hyperrealistic drawing of an empty potato chips bag.

World Oldest And Largest Egg Up for Sale
Its mother has long since departed the scene. As, indeed, has its entire species.But this giant egg is a great survivor. It was laid around 400 years ago by one of the great elephant birds of Madagascar.Before becoming extinct in the 17th century, the fli

Pick up a phone while standing in other room

The Hotel Where You Forget About Complexes
The room in the hotel ?Asia? of Blagoveschensk, Russia. It?s where you may wake up and see your friend (parent, spouse, kid, etc.) sitting on the toilet, smiling at you and wishing you ?good morning?? Isn?t it nice?

Google Chrome Steals Your Data: Anit Google Campaign
The technology giant, Microsoft has taken Scroogled, an anti-Google campaign one level up by offering merchandise such as mugs, caps, T-shirts and hoodies, with anti-Google messages, on its online store.

How to Pull A Car From the Frozen Water
Triumph of the Russian Wit!

Starwood Full Metal Jacket Jeep
The Starwood Full Metal Jacket Jeep is a fully customized Wrangler by the Dallas based team. This strongly made vehicle is powered by a Pentastar 3.6 liter V6 engine having ability to produce 285 horsepower and can cruise to 60 in just 8.4 seconds.

Yards of the Desolate City
It?s where you feel the atmospehere of abandonment more than anywhere else ? in the desolate and lonely yards of Pripyat.

Hilarious Helmets
Hilarious Helmets from History

This is Called a Planetarian Watch
he watch is equipped with the smallest mechanical Planetarium in the world and displays not only the time, date and month, but also the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn around the Sun

Soldiers Become Half Robots with New Exoskeletons!
The load carried by a soldier that may reach 60 kg will spread over the exoskeleton and feel like 10 kg only.

This Happens Only in India!!!
incredible india

Halo Video Game Wallpapers
Halo Video Game Wallpapers in HD

Toyota BladeGlider Electric Car Revealed
Toyota revealed its BladeGlider super electronic car to be in production in the near future.

Weird Beloved Couple In The World
Many pairs to be equally beautiful and equally unified in this world but differed with this partner.
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