12 Unusually Placed Sports Venues
When it comes to sports venues, they are often located in the usual places. These are the most peripheral parts of towns and other settlements, and in major cities are located in strictly urban areas. But if you search hard enough, you?ll find there are

Happiest Countries in the World
According to the World Happiness Report

Frozen Hell
Frozen Hell in Urals, national park Taganai.

Romanian Scientist Create Artificial Blood ? Vampires Rejoice
Our friends in Cluj, Romania, by friends I mean a team of researchers, have created a recipe for artificial blood whose preliminary tests have proven promising…

You Won’t Believe This Is Not a Real Lamborghini
t first glance, this actually appear to be a Lamborghini of some sort, but in reality it’s just a Reventon Roadster replica. It’s built around a steel frame with body panels constructed out of what appears to be fiberglass.

Here We Go Again ? Cat?s Wearing Tights
Yup, it was only a matter of time, but I am surprised it took this long

The Most Beautiful House In The Woods
Amazing houses in wood

Giving Tree Sticky Note Set
The Giving Tree Sticky Note Set lets you attach your important notes to your documents or office table in a cute way. Each sticky note is a beautiful printed tree pattern that comes with tree stump decoration.

100 Smashing Vines You Have to See Right Now
Best Vines Compilation October 2013

Would You Imagine That These Things Are Made of Wood!
You will not believe your eyes when you see these objects which have been constructed with great detail!

Domesticated Foxes
Domesticated Foxes from cold Russia.

Excavator Fun
Guy is having fun with an excavator

The Dumbest Inventions From The 20th Century
I got to admit, most of these inventions are so ridiculous I had to laugh out loud.

Fantastic Views of the Earth from the International Space Station!
Cool images only from the International Space Station!

Chinese Owl Pigeon
Chinese Owl Pigeon in Pakistan

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