In the hills around Oregon’s Mount Hood last month, a group of wannabe survivalists spent the day atTraining Camp Z: the zombie survival course. The course came with the usual face paint and slow lurching, but it had a goal of real import, besides preparing people for the Apocalypse: teaching outdoors skills.

Put on by Trackers Earth, a local organization that runs outdoor activities for kids and adults, Training Camp Z is a thinly veiled way to get people normally uninterested in learning how to build a shelter, start a fire without matches, forage for safe food in the woods and defend themselves from attackers, to do just that.

“The scenario and the story is a good way of teaching people outdoors skills, getting them outdoors, getting them active, having fun,” Tony Deis, who runs the camp, told KATU News.

Plus, if zombies do show up in Portland, everyone who attended the camp will be prepared to do what it takes to keep their brains from becoming breakfast.

zombie survival course portland

Zombie training teaches real wilderness survival skills. Image via video screen grab.

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