Beware of non-coming traffic!

Uni bosses install Britain’s most pointless zebra crossing

Is this the worlds safest crossing? A zebra crossing has been labelled by puzzled pedestrians as the safest in the world - because its at the end of a DEAD-END road.

Mad markings … at university

UNIVERSITY chiefs have been blasted after installing a pointless zebra crossing yards from a brick wall and where a dead-end road stops.

The road markings are too close to the brickwork for any traffic to get near it without reversing.

But the crossing was introduced to join two footpaths at the University of West England’s Frenchay campus in Filton, Bristol.

Bemused student Lizzie Ballard rubbished the idea. She said: “It’s completely ridiculous.

“I don’t know why it’s where it is but it gives us a good laugh every morning.

“There’s absolutely no point to it but at the same time it’s definitely the safest crossing anywhere in the world.

“You hardly ever see any cars coming down the rest of the road, let alone right down to the end — it’s so quiet.”

UWE spokeswoman Jane Kelly added: “It does look a bit silly but there is a small car park round the corner and cars sometimes reverse to get out.

“Despite there being a brick wall at the end of the road, the crossing is there just to be safe rather than sorry.”

Road rage ... students think it's pointless

Road rage … students think it’s pointless
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