With the Detroit Auto Show in full swing, this week a Chinese company touted a new all-electric vehicle that gets 205 miles on a single charge and is set to hit the U.S. market later this year.

The Shenzhen-based company is called BYD, which stands for–I’m not joking–”Build Your Dreams.” According to AutoblogGreen, BYD began as a battery manufacturer in the mid-1990s, became an automaker in 2003, and has its eye on becoming the largest automaker in the world by 2025. If you’re going dream, you might as well dream big, right?

BYD’s all-electric e6 vehicle is a five-passenger crossover style with what the company calls an “Fe battery.” Auto geeks think it’s probably a lithium ion phosphate battery that’s cheaper than lithium ion batteries. The company says its Fe battery is entirely recyclable and lasts for 10 years. (If you want to do some calculations, the battery is said to weigh 800 kilograms and pack 60 kWh.) Pricing remains unclear but the vehicle apparently costs around $40,000 to make. The Wall Street Journal says that Warren Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy Holding is an investor.

Skeptics are pointing out that the e6 still needs to clear American crash testing, which could take a while. I like the idea of a Chinese company shaking things up, though. The Big Three need to stay on their toes. The North American International Auto Show in Detroit goes through January 24, so there’s plenty of time for more ambitious announcements.

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